Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Al Klase - N3FRQ of Northern New Jersey was nice enough to give a talk at HoSARC on clandestine military radios 11/13/07. Here is a clip of the spy radio portion. The five minute talk covers RCA Miniature tubes and radio model numbers SSTR-1, AN/PRC-1, and CMS.
He brought a truck load of equipment to show us and explained how each item was designed for military service. I thoroughly enjoyed his very informative talk. No glitzy HollyWood James Bond stuff here, just the real deal spy stuff from yesteryear. For more information of HoSARC please visit http://www.hosarc.org. For more information on Al Klase and his collection of military radios, please visit http://www.skywaves.ar88.net/

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