Sunday, November 27, 2011

ARRL visual website tour video

For the November meeting of my amateur radio club, we had Katie Glass, KB1ULQ, the Digital Content Manager for the ARRL give a visual tour of the new ARRL website. This tour included some of the new features of the ARRL website such as social media components and popular older content like accessing the extensive ARRL archives and product reviews. Katie was a complete professional, taking questions from the audience and giving a thorough presentation. Attached is a video I made of the presentation.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

This is the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) presentation by Mark Steiner, K3MS. I recorded and edited this video for HOSARC my amateur radio club. The talk was given at the Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club general meeting in October of 2011. Mark touched on many different aspects of amateur radio on the ISS, including satellite launches, equipment on board the ISS, and ground stations. What did come out during the Q&A section of the talk was that if you would like to get some your own technology into space, design an easy system to change the Kenwood radio from school transmit mode to repeater mode easily via computer control. Seems the current process for changing the radio includes many more steps than busy astronauts have time for. If you can make it happen quickly, easily, and reliably, you could have your own tech in space! It is a high bar, but how many gear-heads do you know with systems they have designed in space. Please check out the video and leave comments. Full disclosure, the video does have pre & post-roll commercials. All money generated by these commercials will be donated entirety to the club. I hope you enjoy the video.