Friday, November 28, 2008,..facebook for HAMs

Just joined a new website named It looks like a great way to share the Amateur radio experience. The website has been covered in 2 of the amateur radio podcasts I listen to, Practical Amateur Radio Podcast of Texas and ICQ Podcast of the UK have each done segments on this new site. Chris Matthieu N7ICE the owner of the site was looking for a good amateur radio idea and struck upon a social networking "facebook for HAMs" site. While looking for domain names only the "73s" domain was available, so slightly incorrect naming it was. The site boasts many interesting bits of coding, including a callsign lookup by typing in, you will get information from a few different websites at once. QRZ.rg included.


Chris Matthieu said...

KC2RBE thanks for the write-up on! You should also check out a few of my newer ham sites including HamBrief.TV and!

KC2RBE said...

Will do. And thank you for all the work you do for our hobby. It is work like yours that helps us move into a new age of amateur radio.